At CYB we are committed towards providing a nurturing environment which is supportive to all children. To achieve this more fully, we have a dedicated Nurture facility known as ‘The Sunshine Room’.

This area is based on the key principles of Nurture and has been set up to support children to enable them to achieve high standards in all areas of the curriculum. For some children at school, accessing learning in the normal classroom situation can be hindered by various emotional, social or other factors and it is necessary for a short period of intervention and support in a relatively small group situation. Staff leading the Sunshine Room sessions complement the work of the class teacher and help the child to deal with a range of issues and ultimately help them to access the main school curriculum and thereby achieve success in their learning.Staff in Nurture, support children in both the Sunshine Room and also when individual and small groups of children are returning to the main stream classroom.

The support of Nurture can can help children who are experiencing different kinds of challenges, including:

  • Those who lack confidence or have low self esteem.
  • Those who are shy and withdrawn.
  • Those who may find it difficult to make friends or get on with other children.
  • Those who may be lonely, bereaved, unhappy or confused, finding it difficult to settle into school.

Nurture provision focuses on social and emotional aspects of development. Whilst the social and emotional aspects are the main focus, there is also support for Numeracy, Literacy, Art, Music, PE and other additional needs.

Much of the work of Nurture focuses on sharing and taking turns, working co-operatively with others as well as independently - ‘having a go’. Many activities are designed to help children in communicating with others, including listening to what others have to say.

The ethos of the Nurture room is one which offers a homely environment, where children feel safe and secure, and are given strategies and skills they need to develop socially and emotionally, which can then be transferred to the classroom.

A typical session:
The session begins at 9:15am in the morning and 1.15pm in the afternoon. The children are collected from their classrooms and taken to the The Sunshine Room. The group gather together for ‘Circle Time,’ when the children can discuss weekend or other previous experiences as well as sharing any problems or worries. A daily talking point may be introduced and discussed, e.g. friendships, trust etc. Circle time is followed by snack time, learning time and then a free play session. This is then followed by target time and then quiet time which may involve listening to relaxing CD’s, light room experience, story time etc.

Every week there is a variety of art and craft activities, board games and constructive activities.

In general, a sense of routine is especially important to children attending the Nurture Group who may lead very erratic or busy lives. Every attempt is made to prepare them for any changes to their routine in advance. The sessions are flexible in nature and also include time for staff to support children in their normal curriculum areas.

Selection process

The class teacher initially identifies the children who would benefit from time in The Sunshine Room. A questionnaire called the Boxall Profile is filled in by the class teacher and the Nurture staff. It is used as a basis to decide whether nurture placement is appropriate and likely to be beneficial. Following the completion and analysis of the Boxall profile, the parents are consulted and the results are explained. Parental support is of paramount importance at all stages in Nurture provision.

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