The staff at Cronk y Berry bought Mrs Kennaugh a star as a gift. She named this star Grace, and chose it's location within the constellation of Orion. We have got a map and instructions to locate this on a starry night. The sky at night apps also helps to locate it.

Locating the Area of the Star

On a clear night, from late autumn to early spring, locate the constellation of Orion.


Starting at the brightest star in the sky (after the Sun) Sirius is the brightest star in Canis Major (the large Dog), follow a line past Orion’s belt until you arrive at his bow.


Zooming in, the star under where Orion’s hand would be is the star Pi4 Orionis.


Zooming further into this area, Pi4 Orionis is the magnitude 3 star indicated on the certificate.


Pi4 Orionis is a giant variable star that has a light blue surface colour and with a surface temperature of around 12,700 C, the Sun’s surface temperature is around 4,700 C. A variable star will dim and brighten by a noticeable amount, and over a different amount of time unique to each variable star.


The star is located around 1,258 light-years from Earth.