What a day! Today some girls from Years 4, 5 and 6 attended the IOM FA girls football competition, where around 25 teams took part. It was an absolute pleasure to see our girls’ confidence, skills and teamwork develop over the day. They did a fantastic job playing against some tough teams and managed to get through the group stages and into the quarter finals. Unfortunately, they lost to a very strong Peel team (eventual winners) but should be so, so, so proud of how well they played and the support they gave each other.

A HUGE thank you to Miss Shaw who was able to coach the girls with her expert advice.

A big picture of all the teams that took part was taken so keep your eyes on the IOM FA facebook page. It was fantastic to see so many girls getting into football. We will be sending out information about clubs outside of the school for anyone that wants to join, when we get it from the FA.