The ferry crossing was fine on Monday, with no sea sickness, and everyone slept well last night. The weather in Wales is cold but clear and dry.

On the first night the children had a mini olympics competition, and yesterday childrentolk part in: aero-ball, giant zip wire, archery, team tack, aerial walk way and night line.

Accommodation and food is fine, and there are no problems to report.


After last night's Scrap Heap Challenge the children slept well and are looking forward to an exciting day of activities which will include abseiling, buggy building, orienterring, and caving.

The weather is wet today, but it won't stop the children enjoying themselves!


All is still well with our Y6 pupils. The weather is wet but it isn't stopping anyone enjoying their activities (although fortunately some do take place inside!).

Today children will be taking part in: Leap of Faith, fencing, bouldering, aerial walkway, archery and nightline.

The children had a walk in the forest last night, and tonight they will all be taking part in the trail of mystery.

Children and staff with be packing up tomorrow morning, and hope to be on the road by 9.45am. We will send an email to let you know when they are on the road.