In September, Class 4/5G entered a competition to name an exo-planet and its’ parent star. It’s a worldwide competition and out of over 1000 entries in the UK, we’ve made the top 10 finalists!

Proposer: Cronk y Berry Primary School, Isle of Man
Exoplanet Name: Cruinlagh
Star name: Gloas
Reason for these names: In Manx Gaelic, we have named the star Gloas (pronounced glowas) which means “shine” while we have called the exoplanet Cruinlagh (pronounced crunlack) means “orbit”. We decided to describe what the exoplanet and star are actually doing (!) and further Manx Gaelic descriptions would extend the naming theme.

The winner is decided by a public vote.

So, we need your help…..PLEASE VOTE FOR US and share it with your family and friends.

Follow this link (feel free to do it from as many devices as you like!)

VOTE here!

4/5 were very excited to receive this amazing news this morning. Congratulations to 4/5G and Miss Graham, we wish you lots of luck.