There were some new arrivals to Cronk y Berry today. Kikosi, our resident eSquad elephant, has adopted some new elephants in need of learning how to be safe on the internet. With the help of our pupils in eSquad, these new arrivals will be popping into classrooms to teach the children how to be safe on the internet.

Their names have been especially chosen to help the children focus on some of the most important safety advice. Their squad numbers show the year group they will help out. Reception have regular visits from Kikosi. They are Swahili/English translations:
Kikosi - Squad
#1 Karimu - kind
#2 Uliza - ask
#3 Kanuni - rules
#4 Ongea - talk
#5 Salama - safe
#6 Shiriki - share

eSquad have chosen them a family name - Berikilima which is Swahili for berry/hill (Cronk y Berry).