We have been privileged to be part of Year 5's fantastic performance in assembly this morning, which was all about the fate of the Titanic.

Through confident speeches, drama, singing, dancing and acting, the children conveyed the tragedy of the maiden voyage with such clarity and conviction and we were all absorbed by the events on the night of April 15th 1912. We loved the lengths the children all went to in dressing up in appropriate attire for the year and it was very interesting to get a sense of the three levels of class of passengers and their different experiences on board the liner.

The enthusiasm and interest of the children in this topic really shone out in this performance and I’m sure our parents were also fascinated by the information provided. We were all obviously very saddened by the impact of this tragedy and in particular the numbers of passengers who sadly lossed their lives at sea. The hymn, “Eternal Father, strong to save” left us all with many thoughts about this significant event in history.