it was a beautiful day at Curragh's Wildlife Park for our Reception children last Thursday. Blessed with wonderful weather, our children enjoyed watching the feeding of the penguins and meerkats and explored the wild's of the Australian outback and the African bush. We all laughed at the acrobatics of the silvery gibbons and kept our distance from the pelicans with their razor sharp beaks.

The children were enthralled by the presentation from Liz about cockroaches, snakes and snails and some children, parents and staff were allowed to stroke the cockroach and the giant snail.

Picnic lunch and some well earned free time in the play areas was enjoyed by all and there was even time for us all to chill and enjoy an ice cold lolly.

Thank you to the staff for organising and our wonderful parents for supporting us. One or two of the children missed part of the journey home!