The role of parents

We believe that parents have a fundamental role to play in helping children to learn. We do all we can to inform parents about what and how their children are learning:

  • by holding parents' evenings to explain our school strategies for curriculum issues such as literacy, numeracy and health education and also in preparation for residential visits
  • by sending information to parents, at the start of each half term, which outlines the topics that the children will be studying during that period at school
  • by sending parents detailed annual reports in which we explain the progress made by each child, and indicate how the child can improve further
  • by explaining to parents how they can support their children with homework, and suggesting, for example, regular shared reading with very young children, and support for older children with their projects and investigative work.

We believe that parents have the responsibility to support their children and the school in implementing school policies. We would therefore like parents:

  • to ensure that their child has the best attendance record possible and arrives punctually each morning
  • to be contactable at all times during the school day and responding to messages from staff as soon as possible
  • to ensure that their child is equipped for school with the correct uniform and PE kit
  • to do their best to keep their child healthy and fit to attend school
  • to inform school if there are matters outside of school that are likely to affect a child's performance or behaviour
  • to promote a positive attitude towards school and learning in general.

Special events

There are many opportunities for parents to attend school events during the year including Christmas plays, concerts, class assemblies, sports days and other events.

Parent helpers in school

A distinctive feature about our school is the tremendous support we receive from parent volunteers to assist with many activities. These include weekly swimming sessions, help in the classroom, supporting children in their reading and phonics work, art and craft activities, accompanying children on visits out of school and so on.

The Berry Buddies

We are most fortunate in having an active and vibrant friends of Cronk y Berry association called the ‘Berry Buddies’. The aims of this group are:

  • to advance the education of the pupils by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities that the Department of Education and Children does not normally provide
  • to foster more extended relationships between the staff, parents and others associated with the school
  • to engage in activities which support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it.

During the year, we are grateful for the work of the Berry Buddies in helping to organise events such as Mother’s Day/Father’s Day shops, car boot sales, the Christmas Fayre and a summer event, such as a Ceilidh or Line Dancing.

School fund

Normally there are several events a year in aid of School Fund varying from optional dress day to our main sponsored event. We often decide to purchase items for school use or pay towards travel, theatre companies and so forth, to benefit our pupils.

We are very pleased with the generosity of our parents with fund raising at Cronk y Berry School. This ensures that our children are not disadvantaged in any way. Thank you very much.