Safety at School

All staff are vigilant in making the school building as secure as possible. The doors have one way locks that open from the inside, which prevents strangers walking into school through the many exterior doors. The Department have installed fire alarm and sensor detectors in school to increase safety and combat vandalism after school hours. We also have extensive CCTV cameras covering most of the external areas of the building.

Parents and visitors, unless entering by the main entrance at the front of school, will have to wait outside the school exit doors until they are opened at the start or end of the school day. Parents (and prams) are requested not to block passageways or classroom exit areas.

Visitors/parents on other business should enter via the main entrance by the office. There is a window into the secretary’s office where you can request entrance when the main entrance door is locked.

Visitors to school and parent helpers are required to sign our Visitors’ Book. The book is kept outside the school office, and needs to be filled in both on entering and departing the premises. This will also ensure that you are accounted for in the event of fire. You will also be required to wear a Visitor’s Badge which are to be found next to the Visitors’ Book. This is Department of Education and Children Policy - thank you for your co-operation.

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