Inclusion is given a high priority by the school at certain key times of transition for pupils.

During the induction process, children are invited into the Reception classes for informal visits in small groups during July and parents are invited to an open evening in June. Meetings may be held in the spring and summer terms for parents of children who may need additional support once they enter Reception and liaison with staff from the Pre-School Assessment Centre may take place.

During the transition period to secondary school, pupils are now given numerous opportunities to visit the High Schools, take part in a wide range of events with their Y6 peers from the other feeder schools, and meet the staff from their new school. This provides children with more confidence and takes the pressure and anxiety away from the move to High School. Our catchment area High School is St. Ninian’s High School at the Bemahague site and over the past 6 years, improvements in opportunities for this transition have been hugely significant and successful.

The north Douglas schools work very closely together and there is a very busy list of transition activities which take place during the spring and summer terms.

Transition and induction for pupils joining our school in other years is given a high priority by all teaching and support staff and the establishment of buddy systems helps children settle in quickly to their new environment.

Whatever the needs of every pupil in Cronk y Berry School, the dedication of staff, parents and all others concerned will ensure the best possible result for the children in our care.

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