What are the Zones of Regulation?

The Zones of Regulation is an internationally renowned intervention which helps children manage their emotions. At Cronk y Berry we use the Zones of Regulation throughout the whole school. The zones provide a framework for our children to develop self-regulation. Children learn to identify emotions, recognise events that might make them move to a different zone and use the tools they have learnt to help them remain or move to a particular zone to help them regulate how they are feeling.

What are the different Zones?

Blue Zone: low level of arousal, not ready to learn, feels sad, sick, tired, bored

Green Zone: calm state of alertness, optimal level to learn, feels happy, calm, focused

Yellow Zone: heightened state of alertness, feels frustrated, worried, silly/wiggly, excited

Red Zone: heightened state of alertness and intense emotions, not an optimal level for learning, out of control, feels mad/angry, terrified, yelling/hitting, elated

We teach the children that everyone experiences all of the zones.

The Red and Yellow Zones are not ‘bad’ zones. All of the zones are expected at one time or another.

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