Our pupils enjoy wearing their school uniform and we feel that wearing this does help to develop both a sense of personal pride and togetherness.

    • School Sweatshirt or Cardigan (Black)l
    • Fleece (Black)
    • White Polo Shirt or Blouse.
    • Grey (or dark coloured) Skirt or Trousers.
    • The Polo Shirt, with badge.
    • Waterproof reversible jackets.

    During the summer term parents may wish the girls to wear a lemon/yellow checked dress. Shoes should be sensible, black, stout leather type lace ups or T-bars. Fancy heels, platforms or slip-ons are not suitable on safety grounds. Trainers (including black ones) are not school uniform. Items of clothing, because of their similarity, should be marked with a special name tape or at least with ball-point on the manufacturers label. Jewellery (other than watches) is not permitted. Earrings, if worn, should be simple plain studs. Make-up and nail varnish are not to be used. Necklaces are a hazard in school and should not be worn.

Please note the following information, circulated to all schools by the Department of Education and Children:

“Parents are advised that if children bring valuable property to school, neither the Department of Education and Children or the teachers or other employees of the Department will be responsible for any loss or damage to such property.”

Mobile telephones are not needed in school. On the rare occasion that a child needs to bring one in to school then the phone must be given to the school secretary for the day.

P.E. Kit
P.E. T-shirt, shorts, and slip-on pumps, to be kept in a named bag for clothing. It should be noted that outdoor trainers are not allowed to be worn in the Sports Hall.


1. Football boots for Years 4 to 6 children. To avoid unnecessary expense these need not be purchased until each years' timetable has been finalised.

2. A track suit, or similar warm clothing, is advisable.

3. Swimming costume and towel. Please note that the Swimming Pool rules are as follows:

(a) No jewellery is allowed.

(b) Swimming Trunks, not shorts, to be worn.

(c) All girls and boys with long hair must wear a swimming hat.

(d) Goggles are permitted.

Please note that much upset and aggravation can be avoided if all clothes and kit are clearly marked with your child's name.

House teams

All of the children are allocated to one of the four Houses,which are named after Manx Kings, to help foster a feeling of belonging to a team. Brothers and sisters are placed in the same team to avoid any friendly family disputes. Throughout the year competitions will be held for sporting and academic awards.

Magnus - Blue

Ragnall - Red

Crovan - Green

Olaf - Yellow