At Cronk y Berry we value all members of the school and the school community. Through clear leadership, as well as clearly defined roles and responsibilities, we work together to provide an inclusive environment for all.

We understand the importance of preparing children to become life long learners in a fast changing world. Staff work hard to inspire curiosity and develop independence. Children learn in a variety of learning environments that are often outside the classroom.

By setting high expectations in environments where risk and failure is supported, children develop resilience skills as they learn to challenge themselves in all areas of the curriculum. Cronk y Berry is well resourced with appropriate resources for all areas of learning. Children have ownership of their own space.

Regular feedback, consistency and clearly identified targets that are shared with and understood by our children are seen as crucial to our teaching and learning process.

We use Education Support Officers effectively to support in the classroom or when needed in a specialised area with an adapted curriculum meeting the needs of individual children.

Lifelong learning is valued in staff as well as children. Regular training that includes Assessment for Learning and Special Educational needs is provided for all staff. Non contact time for implementation and role fulfilment is given.

As a school community we recognise the importance of building relationships and therefore provide clear and consistent boundaries for all. We have clear strategies for behaviour management and agreed expectations of children, staff and parents.

Communication is key to our success, with all levels of staff included, in order to provide consistent practice across the school.

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