Year 6 is an important year that provides the pupils with new opportunities and prepares them for the move to Year 7. At Cronk y Berry, the pupils will:

*be visited by the Bemahague Year 7 Head of Year and Transition Co-ordinator in the first term

*attend an information evening with parents In January at Cronk y Berry with the senior staff from Bemahague

*be invited to the Bemahague Open evening in January to visit the site with their parents

*visit Bemahague for a transition event

*spend two days at Bemahague where they will meet their tutors and new class in July

In addition, the children are encouraged to share their feelings and help each other with worries in preparation.

See the Year 6 Blog for a child's perspective of transition.

**For those pupils in the catchment area for Ballakermeen, the same opportunities are matched by their transition team.**

In February, parents receive an AP3 form where the choice of secondary school is confirmed. The primary school for which your home address is in the catchment area for dictates which secondary school the pupils attend.

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