Meals at school

The school has its own kitchen and two-course meals are available, as well as the additional option for children to choose from an extensive salad bar. There are also facilities for children to have packed lunches.

Dinner money should be brought to school on the first day of the school week, except in the case of absence. Dinners can also be paid half termly, termly or annually in advance. The eating of sweets is not permitted at school so please bear this in mind when making packed lunches. This rule helps to support dental hygiene and healthy eating teaching given in school.

Children who stay at school during the lunch break, whether for the school meal or for a packed lunch, are expected to behave themselves and to display good table manners. They should be able to handle correctly a knife, fork and spoon. Moving from table to table and eating with hands, instead of the cutlery provided, is not permitted. Children having packed lunches should provide their own knife, fork, spoon and cup, etc. and bring them to school in a suitable container. Drinking directly from flasks or cans will not be permitted.

Milk and apple juice

Milk and apple juice is available at school and payment for this is requested half termly in advance on the last day of the previous half term. By paying half termly, termly or annually in advance for milk, juice and/or dinners it saves greatly in administration time. Thank you for your co-operation - it benefits everybody. If there is a problem don’t hesitate to contact the office. Children are also encouraged to bring a named, empty water bottle into school which can be filled regularly from school water coolers.

Mid morning snack

Children throughout the school are encouraged to sign up for the snack provided in Reception/KS1, or bring a small portion of fresh or dried fruit for a mid morning snack. This is again in support of healthy life styles and in introducing this recently, we have seen an increase in concentration levels during the second half of the morning.

Free school meals

Full information about free meals and the

necessary application forms are available on request from the school office.

Payments - money in school

If possible, do not let your child bring money other than that required for school reasons. Teachers are not required to look after money in connection with matters other than school ones.

Dinner money is due for payment on MONDAY MORNING - or the FIRST DAY of the school week. It may be paid a half term, termly or annually in advance if preferred. We ask that drinks money is paid at least half termly in advance, on the LAST DAY of each previous half term (except the first week of the Autumn Term when there is no milk or juice). If payment is not received by the end of the previous half term, we will assume you do not wish your child to have a drink. If there is a problem please do not hesitate to contact the school secretary.

Please put money in an envelope clearly marked stating your child’s name and class. Cheques for meals or milk should be made payable to “IOM Government” and cheques for juice or snack should be made payable to “Cronk y Berry School.” Please write the name of your child/ren on the back of any cheques.