All children are special, and at some time in their school life they may encounter difficulties; even those identified as being exceptionally able will need additional support on occasions. Our policy of inclusion aims to offer all pupils a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum, within the classroom setting wherever possible.

At Cronk y Berry School, we seek to identify pupils’ individual educational needs as early as possible and, working in partnership with parents and carers, meet those needs. Parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s education. When concerns about a pupil are raised by parents or teachers, assessments and diagnostic tests can be carried out to identify the area of need. The Inclusion Manager (SENCO) can then advise teachers on differentiating work or the use of intervention programmes.

Parents are contacted about concerns by the class teacher or Inclusion Manager and kept informed of the provision made for their children and the progress made by their children. Specific targets are set, usually each term, but sometimes more frequently, and parents and pupils are invited to discuss these with staff.

The needs of children vary greatly: some pupils have physical impairments - those with hearing or visual impairments are supported by staff from Sensory Support. Others have social, emotional or behavioural difficulties. An increasing number of pupils are arriving at Cronk y Berry school unable to speak the English language fluently and support for these children as soon as possible is vital to help them fully access the curriculum. Should there be minor difficulties in a specific area of the curriculum, these can, once identified, be overcome quickly; in the case of long term difficulties, we work to enable pupils to manage them and reach their potential. A small but important percentage of pupils are identified as having outstanding abilities.

In the event that the help of agencies outside the school is needed such as Speech Therapy or Occupational Therapy, or the Department of Education’s Special Needs and Psychology Service, the Inclusion Manager will discuss this with parents before making the referral.

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